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Fibreglass is the optimum choice of material for flat or small pitched roofs because of its durability, appearance and cost effectiveness. It is a watertight, weather resistant and maintenance free system that is guaranteed for at least 25 years.

We install fibreglass flat roofs to any commercial or residential property

How Cost Effective is it?

Why Choose a Fibreglass Flat Roof?

Unlike traditional flat roofing systems, fibreglass flat roofs are extremely durable, waterproof, seamless and guaranteed for 25 years, unlike other roofing processes such as felt, rubber, plastic and lead. They are also maintenance free throughout their life span and UV resistant making them the preferential choice.

How Cost Effective is it?

How Cost Effective is it?

Our fibreglass flat roofing system in comparison to other methodologies such as lead and felt is by far the best value for money and quality of finish. Felt is the cheaper alternative which does not stand the test of time and lead is a far more expensive option that is not as waterproof over greater periods of time.

What is the standard of the finish?

What is the standard of the finish?

A fibreglass flat roofing system is by far the highest standard of finish you can have. This is thanks to the ability to be able to produce a smooth finish that is not only seamless but also waterproof as an end result. Due to it’s structure and durability, we guarantee all of our work and fibreglass roofs for 25 years.

Some of our Fibreglassing services

House Extensions
The best option if you’re developing an extension on your property and looking for a low maintenance and affordable solution.

Dormer & Bay Windows
No job is too big or too small. Sam-Seal Fibreglass Roofing complete every roof to the highest standards.

Just because the roof on your conservatory has perished, it does not mean the whole thing needs to be replaced!

Fibreglass is the optimum choice for balconies, giving you the perfect finish that can withstand the pressure too.

Make your garage watertight to save it from becoming an unused storage space and increasing the value of your property.

Pitched Roofs
Fibreglass is a much stronger and more affordable option compared to the materials usually used for pitched roofs.


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